What we are doing

Two Countries

Currently operating in New York City USA and Cape Town South Africa. Our organization has fed over 100k meals and has a focus on training teachers. We have contributed to the development of children by teaching them how to learn and also by feeding them when they are hungry.

100,000 Meals

Since the onset of our Mission, we have fed thousands of people. Mainly children and the homeless. 4 times a year when school is closed in Cape Town South Africa at a school called Elnor Primary School we have stepped in to feed the children. This school is a food incentive school. And when the Board of Education does not step in to feed them we step in. Our stats are generated at each feeding. Which is 600 meals per day during the school break four times annually.

Building a better Enviroment

Our organization has donated toilet paper and sanitary products to those in need. We have repainted the school and we are focused on creating a beautiful safe environment for the children. We are fundraising to not only feed the children but to also build homes for those who need them and building schools and a safe space for them to come to help them create a brighter future for themselves.

Companies that support us

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The Founder

Meet Stacy Francis

Born in Brooklyn, New York, singer Stacy Francis achieved great success as a Broadway leading lady. Garnishing numerous Broadway Show credits. Billboard top 10 hits.

X-Factor Finalist and tv and film star Stacy is committed to using her platform to help make a change for the better.

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Only with A proper education, we give them a chance.
let's bring them hope and happiness.

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