Stacy Francis, originating from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York, is an artist of remarkable versatility known for her talents as a singer, actress, and humanitarian. Her career has seen her collaborate with celebrated figures across the entertainment spectrum, including Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Prince, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, and Morgan Freeman

Her time with the RnB ensemble Ex-girlfriend stands out as a career highlight. Under the guidance of music industry titan Benny Medina, the group signed with Warner Bros. Records, and their single “Why Can’t You Come Home” soared to No. 3 on the Billboard Top 100, produced by Full Force, securing Stacy’s influential presence in the music world.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Stacy is a co-founder of the Stacy Francis Music Arts and Education Foundation, a non-profit with a global outreach established during the COVID-19 pandemic. This organization embodies her commitment to social impact, leveraging the power of art, history, and education to improve the lives of children and communities in need by providing meals, education, and a nurturing environment.

Her talent has earned the recognition of music legends; she has performed alongside Stevie Wonder on the West End stage and honored Patti Labelle with a tribute performance at an awards ceremony. The London Evening Standard has lauded her as the “Gold medal of singing, if there were an Olympics for singers,” a testament to her vocal prowess.

Live performances are a significant part of her musical journey, with multiple appearances singing with Prince and his band, as well as recording two songs with the music icon himself. With her foundation, Stacy Francis continues to sing not just on stages worldwide, but also into the hearts of those her organization serves, aiming to create a brighter future through the arts and education.